Great White Shark Named Katharine Stops by Fort Lauderdale Beach on Her Florida Tour

A 2,300-pound, 14-foot great white shark named Katharine was hanging around Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Beach and is now making her way down toward the Florida Keys.

According to OCEARCH ocean research group, Katharine has come into our neighborhood in recent days and appears to be making a trek either toward the Bahamas or the Keys.

Like a good tourist, Katharine seems to love South Florida waters. She was spotted in Daytona just this past December.

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Katharine was tagged off the coast of Cape Cod by OCEARCH on August 20, 2013. She emerged off the coast of Georgia in late December before making her trek down to Florida.

She then vanished and recently reappeared, making her way down the Florida coast and into Fort Lauderdale waters on Friday.

On Sunday, Katharine was spotted moving offshore of Biscayne Bay in Miami, leaving OCEARCH to wonder where she was going next.

As of Sunday, there had been no new info, probably because she's been swimming down below, taking advantage of the free buffet Florida has to offer.

Once OCEARCH finds and tags a shark, it monitors the animals via a GPS signal. And anytime a shark's dorsal fin breaches the surface of the water, it sends a signal to the group's lab via a satellite.

OCEARCH has been tagging sharks and trying to figure out why they migrate thousands of miles into the same waters.

Apparently, great whites love South Florida.

In January of 2013, OCEARCH spotted two great whites off the coast of Jacksonville Beach. One of the sharks came in at 3,456 pounds and was 16 feet in length.

"We only tagged two, and they both came to Florida," OCEARCH's Chris Fischer said then. "They've traveled thousands of miles to that spot, and now they've been living in that spot for two months now. What's going on over there?"

You can track the sharks yourself on OCEARCH's Facebook page.

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