Jury: Palm Beach Developer Killed Man Who Blocked Land Deal

The sleezetastic trial of Thanos Papalexis finally came to a conclusion Friday. This one had a little bit of everything. Papalexis, a Briton who moved to a Palm Beach mansion paid for by his Greek family's shipping business, makes a splendid villain: a lying, cheating, narcissist accused of having arranged the torture and murder of Bambi. That is, Charalombos "Bambi" Christodoulides -- but still. Bambi? Sick bastard.

Seems Bambi didn't want to leave his warehouse home in London and that it was holding up Papalexis' property sale.

But before the jury could deliver its climactic verdict, it got a little taste of Papalexis' South Florida lifestyle, including the high-priced call girl/porn star he screwed (Rebecca DeFalco) and the reporter (Palm Beach Post's Jose Lambiet) whom Papalexis threatened. Another witness never had the chance to testify -- a mistress from Riviera Beach who -- as Lambiet reported in July -- drank herself to death after learning that Papalexis was a fraud.