Hallandale Teens Charged With Murdering Man Were Looking to Hire a Prostitute (UPDATED)

The two teens who were charged with murdering a homeless man behind an auto parts store were looking to hook up with a prostitute on that fateful night.

Juan Xolo, 17 and Jose Carlos Llano, 14, who confessed to police of stabbing the man with a pen, had been introduced to a hooker by the man they attacked, according to the Broward County state attorney's office.

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The transaction went bad and, in the end, the man was murdered for $40 that never even existed.

According to Hallandale Beach Police, the two teens offered $20 each to the man if he introduced them to a prostitute.

The man did his part, and introduced the boys to a street walker. But she eventually turned them down when she learned they only had $5 each.

The homeless man still demanded to be paid. The boys offered him an HP laptop as payment instead. But, when he refused, a fight broke out.

Police were called in at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday morning about an altercation going down behind the auto parts store along the 100 block of North Federal Highway in Hallandale Beach.

According to police, Llano confessed to have held the man down in a chokehold, whole Xolo punched, kicked and stabbed the man with a pen.

When cops arrived on the scene, they spotted the two two teens standing over the victim, who was on the ground bleeding. When the teens spotted the police, they took off running, but were soon apprehended. Paramedics called to the scene found the man unresponsive.

According to some who live in the area, the man was homeless. His name has not been released.

Llano and Xolo have been charged with murder in the second-degree.

Update: Police identified the victim as Gregory Hyppolite.

Hyppolite, 32, had moved to South Florida from New Jersey in 2003, and was not, in fact, homeless, as was reported earlier by media outlets.