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Tyler Hadley, Alleged Kid Hammer Murderer, Reportedly Showed Off Bodies, Blames Ecstasy

As is probably the case with most murders allegedly carried out by 17-year-old kids that involve bashing in their parents' heads with 22-inch framing hammers, the Tyler Hadley case is getting weird.

According to several reports, Hadley told another friend that he was high on ecstasy pills when he allegedly murdered his parents. Then, during his Facebook bash at their Port St. Lucie house, he reportedly asked his buddy -- à la Vern Tessio's "You guys wanna go see a dead body?" line in Stand by Me -- if he wanted to see his parents' corpses.

Here's the update from our comrades at True Crime Report:

It looks like we wrote too soon. The New York Daily News is now reporting that Tyler confessed to his friend, 17-year-old Michael Mandell, that he was high on ecstasy when he killed his parents.

We don't know if this is a legit excuse, since the only thing we know about ecstasy is that it makes you dance to shitty music. But maybe one of our wiser readers can help us out on this score.

Under Mandell's version, Tyler had been fighting a lot with his parents, and the family was also facing financial problems. So Tyler beat them to death, then announced that he was having a party on Facebook.

During the party, he confessed to Mandell about the murders. He told him to hang around till it was over and he would show Mandell the bodies. Otherwise, Tyler was having fun during the bash and acted like nothing was wrong.

Afterward, he showed Mandells his parents' battered bodies in the bedroom. We can only presume that it was Mandell who tipped off the cops.

Tyler had also told his friend he was going to commit suicide. It seems he never got around to it.

Hadley has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder and would not be eligible for the death penalty due to his age.

The Medical Examiner's Office has not yet ruled an official cause of death for Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley.

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