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New Sun-Sentinel Slogan: "How Grandpa Used to Get His News"

Perhaps you've seen the bright-green T-shirts worn by roadside newspaper distributors advertising a new slogan for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "The Sun-Sentinel - How grandpa used to get his news."

These T-shirts were a gift to the Sun-Sentinel, actually. From the Juice.

See, a few weeks ago, the Sun-Sentinel held a "Best Blog" contest that included several categories. Crossfade, New Times' local music blog, took home first place in the music category. And with that came a fantastic $100 prize.

Since the Juice is staffed exclusively by kind, considerate, reciprocating human beings, we decided to give back.

So we took the $100 and had some T-shirts made, honoring the 20th-century tree-chopping daily institution and the fine elderly readers that have kept it in business for so long.

We considered several other options:

The Sun-Sentinel - Yesterday's news, today

The Sun-Sentinel - Where South Florida's best journalists used to work

The Sun-Sentinel - Like the Internet, but slower and made of paper

But we ultimately decided on "How Grandpa used to get his news" because, at least for us, it tells the true story of daily newspapers in South Florida.

And to make this occasion more memorable, we've handed out a dozen or so of these shirts to local homeless people, some of whom were already wearing bright Sun-Sentinel T-shirts.

So we hope every time you see one of these nice shirts around Fort Lauderdale, you'll smile.