School Board To Teacher: It's OurSpace

A Broward County teacher is getting disciplined -- and probably will be fired -- for content on his MySpace page. Jean-Paul Renaud reports in the Sun-Sentinel that 31-year-old Scott Davis, who teaches band at Pompano Beach High School is getting the business for "profanity, inappropriate photographs and depression/alcohol/drug content."

Here's Davis' MySpace page, where he calls himself the "proud daddy of rottweiler pups" and includes a pic of himself with one of them. His quote is: "I used to hate myself for lovin' you, but now I just hate you!!" The rest is unknown since it's now set to private for obvious reasons.

But I have to say that, based on what's in the article, the school board is pissing me off here. There could be a lot more happening here, and if there is, forgive me the following rant. But profanity? Who the fuck are those

cunts kidding? People curse. It's not grounds for firing, especially if it wasn't done in the school. And "depression"? They actually wrote that? They're going to fire somebody for being depressed? Bastards. Then the alcohol and drugs thing. Isn't there a professional assistance program in place at the school board? If the guy is losing it, give him some rehab and put him on probation or something. Where's the humanity? No wonder the guy is falling into oblivion; he works for the the stinking school board.

That's why I despise the school board. It's lifeless, no heart, no fun, gulag central, full of paranoia, run by corrupt and dumb political whores. In other words it's a cliche. And this case is just adding more coldness to the equation.

Obviously it's wrong that he was using his school computer to go to personal websites -- including But what the hell is Well, it's just another social networking site, not a porno joint.

It's called a second chance, school board. If he does it again, then you can feel good about shitcanning him. But now you're just making yourselves look like shit.

UPDATE: The Miami Herald's Nirvi Shah adds more detail on Davis in her story , but the real bit of help is that the Herald posted the actual complaint filed by the school board. It says everything the daily newspapers won't. A few of the facts:

-- The photos in question were of Davis giving the camera the finger. -- The profanity was in the previous quotes he put next to his picture, including "I am pissed bitch" and "You Can Just Fuck Off." -- The computer he used was a laptop, which means he probably accessed the outside sites away from the school. And he did access gay porn websites, including ones called and

So I figured there was more to the story. The only thing that bothers me is the boy porn stuff (assumedly). Call me a homophobe, but to the central question, "Would I want this guy to teach my kid?", my answer has gone from a "maybe" to a "no." Wait a second ... has it, really? I mean, there's no evidence of inappropriate contact with students, other than his admittance of some of them as friends on his MySpace page, which isn't a big deal. In other words, it still has little to do with his performance as a teacher. Everybody and their mother has looked at porn sites. If it was a hetero teacher who accessed straight (and legal) teen porn sites, would there be a different reaction? Probably.

But things have piled up against this guy that make him dubious at best. This is an interesting case and I'm officially up in the air on it. The important thing, though, is that I still despise the school board.