UPDATED: Tundidor, the Father, Arrested in Morrissey Murder

Here's the mug shot of Randy William Tundidor, who has been charged by Plantation police in the murder of Nova Southeastern University Professor Joseph Morrissey. The 43-year-old Tundidor, whose business, Gator Tint, serviced a lot of Plantation police officers, is listed on the arrest report as six-foot-one and 297 pounds. He's charged with premeditated murder, home invasion with a firearm, arson, armed kidnapping, and robbery. 

WPLG-Channel 10 has video of the SWAT team, which two days before had brought down Tundidor's son at Beverly Hills Cafe in Plantation, entering the Tundidor townhouse and bringing out the suspect. Another son, Shawn Tundidor, is also shown on the video saying, "They're trying to find out little pieces of a story they don't know about," Shawn Tundidor says on the tape. Click here to see the video.

The look above is a far cry from the guy in the Gator Tint video two posts below.

(Special thanks to Fort Lauderdale activist and graphics designer Cal Deal for adjusting the exposure on that photo to make it come to life).