BFFs: JenJen & Barbara

                   JenJen with lobbyist Miller

I'm going to follow up on the Rothstein-Gibraltar angle shortly, but I have a quick item that I think deserves some attention.

First, the Miami Herald told voters to choose political consultant Barbara Miller and her partner, notorious lobbyist Neil Sterling, for an at-large Broward County School Board seat yesterday. Or at least the newspaper, which is slowly disappearing altogether from Broward, might as well have when it endorsed Jennifer Gottlieb yesterday.

I've seen some bad endorsements in my day, but this one is a topper. The lede says that Gottlieb "vows that ethics will remain a priority" at the School Board and later claims that she has "attacked" the lack of ethics at the board.

What? Gottlieb was on the same gravy train as the rest of the bums on the board, taking the big money from lobbyists Sterling and Miller while voting for their construction clients and running the board $2 billion in debt. Does that deserve a mention in the Herald? How far out of touch can you get? And what about that obscene and unnecessary "special" school she had built for her well-heeled friends in Hollywood? Another $25 million in taxpayers' dollars gone.    

Gottlieb is the antithesis of a good leader. On top of that, the board -- wracked by corruption investigations and the imprisonment of one member -- desperately needs new blood. I know little about Gottlieb's challenger, Nicholas Sakhnovsky, but the very fact that he's not part of the corrupt machine that ran our School Board into the ground is enough for the Pulp to break his own policy and, yes, endorse him.

How can the Herald credibly tout Gottlieb's "ethics" when it hasn't even touched the fact that Gottlieb -- whose husband, Ken, is running for judge right now -- had a romance with a Citi banker who worked for the School Board and whom she met at a free all-you-can-eat steak and lobster dinner supplied by public contract-seeking bankers while on a taxpayer-paid trip to an education conference in Tampa? I believe any ethics expert will tell you that is far from ethical behavior. 

Inside, see a picture gallery of Gottlieb's other lovefest, which is even more ethically troubling -- the one with Barbara Miller, who clearly, and literally, has her clutches on the School Board member. 












Notice how they always have their hands on each other.


Here's an instant classic:


Look at that creepy clutch job on Gottlieb's arm by lobbyist Miller. It's got this weird wicked stepmother vibe. Also in this picture is the infamous former Hollywood mayor, Mara Giulianti (back row, center). Fine company the School Board member keeps. And finally: