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Janitor Hid Camera in Elementary School Girl Locker Room, Say Cops

According to Stuart Police, an elementary school janitor, Michael Scott Girard, 25, placed a smartphone behind a ceiling tile in the girl's locker room.

Scott worked for Pine School, which is a private school for kindergarten through sixth grade.

According to the arrest report, two girls -- ages 11 and 12 -- discovered the phone in the locker room and looked to give it to the first adult worker in the school they could find.

Believing a boy placed the phone there, the girls handed the cell over to Girard himself.

But unfortunately for him, the two Nancy Drews followed up with on the discovery with the school principal.

And I would've gotten away with being a total pederast too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

Aside from allegedly being a sick pervo, Girard is also not very bright. 

When the two girls turned the lights off in the locker room to leave, they noticed a soft warm glow reflecting off the ceiling tiles in the corner of the room. They also noticed the tile where the phone was propped open. 

Girard was no McGyver either, propping up the tile with a bottle of nail polish, according to the report.

Not long after, the two girls asked the school principal if there were any updates on the phone and its owner. This was, of course, news to the principal because, shockingly, Girard never notified him or any other school administrator about it.

When confronted by school officials, Girard denied ever receiving the phone or speaking with the girls or what was going on.

He was eventually escorted from the school and placed on administrative leave while police conducted the investigation.

Girard is now charged with 11 counts of voyeurism, a felony.