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Weston Zip Code Teeming with Ramirezes

There's a bona fide baseball bromance brewing between two Dominican baseball stars: home team hero Hanley Ramirez and his shortstop colleague on the New York Mets, Jose Reyes. Newsday reports that the happy couple recently shared a meal at Ramirez's Fort Lauderdale home -- though to be precise, H.R. lives in Weston, in a subdivision east of Bonaventure Road. From the article:

Despite all of the time these two young stars spend together, as well as their shared heritage and common positions, there is one subject that remains off limits: the fact that Ramirez helped the Marlins eliminate Reyes and the Mets on the final weekend of the past two seasons.

When asked if the topic ever comes up between the two, Reyes, who wears a perpetual smile in the clubhouse, suddenly looked serious.

"No," he said flatly. "We don't talk about that."

Awww! As it happens, Ramirez lives just 4 miles away, on the other side of South Post Road from that other Dominican megastar Manny Ramirez, whose niggardly tipping habits have been well-chronicled in this blog. (For the record, at $3.54 million, Hanley's house is worth about $80,000 more than Manny's.) The two are not related to each other -- nor are they related to the third baseman for the 2009 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, Aramis Ramirez.