Man Shot By Police After He Pulls Rifle on Woman Making Fun of His Penis Size

Skinny dipping is all fun and games until someone shows up and starts making fun of your small dick.

And that just leads to dudes getting shot by cops.

Palm Beach Shores resident Adam Brown decided to go for a skinny dip in his El Coqui apartment complex at around 2:30 a.m Thursday morning, when a neighbor, Jenny Arroway, showed up and started with the jokes.

But Adam Brown did not crumble into a pile of shame and embarrassment. Instead, he got out of the pool, walked over to his apartment and came back out -- still wet and naked, mind you -- holding a rifle.

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Brown then reportedly stuck the weapon in Arroway's face and said, "How do you like the size of this?"

Good one, Smallpecker Eastwood!

According to police, Brown held the loaded rifle in her face until she talked him into putting the weapon down.

Cops were called to the scene and when they arrived, they twice told Brown to put down his rifle.

But a man's penis size had been impugned, dammit. So, therefore, no dice. Brown kept holding the rifle.

But police don't like it when they tell a guy to put down his gun and he doesn't comply. So they shot Brown.

Brown was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach and is expected to live. He's also been charged with three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of assaulting a police officer and one count of burglary with a weapon.

So to recap: 

-When the cops tell you to put your gun down, do so. 

-Also, don't get shot naked. 

-Also, never go swimming naked in a cold body of water, fellas.

-Also, take it easy with the penis jokes, ladies. 

This story wasn't so bad, after all. There was lesson for everyone involved!