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Hunger Games Stars Coming to Plantation; Here's Your Chance to Meet Katniss

​The Pulp's cultural advisory department tells me that the Hunger Games books are a big deal and that Readers of Fiction are excited about the movie premiering March 23. 

If you are one of those people, you've got a chance to meet three of the stars at the Westfield Broward Mall in Plantation on March 8. While Woody Harrelson is in the movie (and plays somebody named Haymitch Abernathy, which I could have sworn was the name of the oompa loompa king), he won't be making an appearance.

Submitting questions to an application on the Westfield Broward Facebook page will enter you into a raffle to meet...

... Jennifer Lawrence, Alexander Ludwig, and Amandla Stenberg, who play Katniss Everdeen, Cato, and Rue, respectively.

Submitting questions on Facebook for the March 8 question-and-answer session enters you to win one of three spots at a meet-and-greet before the event; referring friends to enter also increases your chances, according to a news release.

If you don't win, it looks like the event itself is open to the public, but neither the release, the Westfield Broward event page, nor the Facebook event says how that works. Waiting to hear back on exactly what's going on with that.

Meanwhile, is anyone out there excited about the movie? Is Haymitch cool? He looks cool in the trailer. I bet he's cool.

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