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In The News: Airport, BSO Shooting, & Naugle

-- Scott Wyman in the Sun-Sentinel reports that the Broward County Commission is floating an idea to take direct control of the airport from county staff. Don't let them do it, people. The commission is already too cozy with lobbyists and such a move will turn management of the airport into more of an obscene puppet show than it already is. Stacy Ritter would surely love it, though. Interesting tidbit: Lois Wexler floated the idea and she's extremely tight with lobbyist Judith Stern, who ran her campaign and, rumor has it, has bunked at Wexler's home for extended periods of time. It's no secret that Stern is representing interests that want to get in on the airport action. As another columnist around used to put it, hmmmmmm.

-- The Miami Herald's description of the 911 tapes in the shooting of BSO deputy Chris Reyka includes a peculiar detail: One of the first questions the dispatcher asked one caller was the race of the deputy who had been shot.

It sounds like an odd question. The color of the suspect, yes. The color of the deputy, no. There are already some grumblings of racism on the comment board. The less sensational truth might be that the dispatcher was simply trying to figure out who the deputy was. Perhaps we'll never know.

-- That New York Times story on Mayor Mouth credited the Sun-Sentinel's Brittany Wallman with taking the photo of Jim Naugle that was published. Wallman, of course, doesn't take pictures (except of my family on outings and birthdays and such). Turns out the real credit belonged to the venerable photographer Lou Toman. C'mon Abby Goodnough, get it together. (Also, in yesterday's post I made a play on Abby's last name, suggesting that it was pronounced "goodnuff," similar to "good enough." I hear it's actually pronounced "goodnoo." So if you just add a plural, the NYT Miami Bureau Chief's name is pronounced "Abby Goodnews.")