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NY Times Calls South Florida a Right-Wing Hotbed, Forgets Our Favorite Hotheads

Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge, Lou Dobbs, Dick Morris --  a cornucopia of right-wing talking heads call South Florida home. According to today's New York Times, this makes the area "A Conservative Beachhead in the Sunshine." The Times notes that after Limbaugh moved to Palm Beach in the mid-'90s, Coulter and other groupies followed.

We're flattered, of course. It's about time those Manhattan elitists noticed the Red Scare we face every day. What's funny, though, is that by focusing on conservative media stars, the Times failed to mention some of the most powerful and visible right-wing personalities here.

Take David Koch. Along with his brother, Charles, this oil baron and former Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate is one of the billionaire sugar daddies behind

the Tea Party. He has a vacation home in Palm Beach.

Then there's Rep. Allen West, who lives in the Broward city of Plantation. He may technically be an elected official, but as far as Fox News is concerned, he's the voice of the Tea Party in South Florida.

And let's not forget Adam Hasner, the Senate candidate and rising Tea Party star who recently compared the national debt to Hitler.

Will all these nutbags running around, it's easy to understand how the New York Times could miss a few. After all, South Florida is the Democratic bastion in the Sunshine State... isn't it?

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