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Heat Wave Continues; Video Madness Hits Pulp

Not a big news day, and almost too hot to care even it was, so I thought we'd go to the video archives.

Above we have what I think was surely the best 39 seconds of the first-ever James-Wade-Bosh news conference. First we have LeBron giving the best reason why his leaving Cleveland was the right thing to do -- and it was a good reason. Why would James have wanted to play for a guy who thought he quit in the playoffs against Orlando? A guy who would ever put a curse on his head?

Then you have Wade refusing to give Pat Riley any more hero worship.

As for LeBron, the top story on Yahoo was his getting booed by some New Yorkers at Carmelo Anthony's wedding. This morning on that awful WSFL morning show, some clown from Chicago was dumping all over him too. Can't wait for the season to start. 

Inside after the jump we have a couple more videos, including some Pulp love from Helen Ferre and a bad vote from Broward's little Democratic star, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

The following clip comes from this weekend's Issues show with Helen Ferre. It starts with Miami New Times Editor Chuck Strouse talking about the Wasserman-Rubin arrest.

I've had fun with Ferre in the past, but when she's right, she's right. Seriously, though, did Suzanne Gunzburger really deserve to get her name tossed onto that list? No, especially when Sheriff Lamberti called off his ill-advised investigation today.

Finally, we have a little vid from a 3-year-old documentary I recently caught, In Pot We Trust (you can watch the entire movie online here). Close readers of this blog know that I believe strongly in decriminalizing marijuana. Perhaps the best reason for that opinion is that I've met with cancer patients who have gotten their appetites back -- and their lives, really -- after smoking a little ganja. The documentary, though, left me more certain than ever that people trying to deny sick people who benefit from marijuana use, including our own Irv Rosenfeld, are freaking monsters. One who voted against the majority of Democrats to oppose a medical marijuana amendment was a common face around here -- and she got an ignominious mention in the film in its tense climax during which the vote is cut with shots of good cops slaughtering countless perfectly fine marijuana plants. Here's the clip:

Sure enough, Wasserman-Schultz voted against the amendment. It makes me want everyone to vote against her, but I can't jump to any conclusions. I challenge Wasserman-Schultz to explain why she voted the way she did right here on this blog. Give up your reasons, Debbie.