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Palm Beach Princess Planning to Give Haiti Volunteers the Royal Treatment

Docked at the Port of Palm Beach, the Princess is just a rundown, financially strapped gambling barge. But when it arrives in earthquake-ravaged Port-au-Prince, the Palm Beach Princess will look positively luxurious by comparison.

"If" it arrives, that is. West Palm's Channel 25 is reporting that the Princess wants to make a trip to Haiti, where it would serve as a floating hotel to the troops and relief workers who need a roof over their heads. But to do so, the Princess will need the port to allow it some wiggle room in its contract.

But what about the ship's crew?

According to the station, they've been told that they're going to Haiti or they're out of a job. Nothing like an ultimatum to prevent mutiny on the high seas, eh, captain?

An operator at the Princess headquarters said that all the managers were in meetings and couldn't give Juice an update on the status of the Haiti trip.