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Marco Rubio Slams Donald Trump's "Birther" Tendencies

...and this is why we like Marco Rubio. Disagree with his politics, fine. His opinions differ from yours. Whatevs. At least he's not willing to completely sell out his rational faculties for some desperate scoop at the bottom of the electoral barrel, à la Donald Trump. And he says so!

Yeah, he's polite about it. Marco Rubio is congenitally incapable of being anything other than pleasant; the worst he can manage is a little harriedness -- a little pickup in the pace of his conversation, which ever-so-subtly says: "You're wasting my time."

This is by no means obviously good politics. The Donald's birther schtick has made him the second-best-polling putative candidate among the nation's Tea Partiers -- people who probably don't actually believe that Barack Obama's not a United States citizen but who hate the man so much that they're willing to attack him with anything at their disposal, be it true or untrue. The means, we now seem to believe, justify the ends.

Not Rubio, though. We're living in a political moment when hysterics win points, but those are points that Marco Rubio plainly feels he can do without. Good for him.

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