Man Bites Off Girlfriend's Thumb, According to Police

Ricardo Davis and his girlfriend got into a verbal spat, as some couples are apt to do.

And sure, sometimes the arguments between you and your lady end badly, like someone calling the other's mother a bad name.

But according to Palm Bay Police, Davis apparently decided to end this argument by biting off his girlfriend's finger.

Davis, 35, and his lady friend, who has yet to be identified, were on their way to work when the two began to squabble.

Things got heated, and she reportedly shoved his head, according to police. So Davis retaliated to getting pushed in the head by grabbing his girlfriend's left hand and chomping off her thumb.

A reasonable enough reaction to someone pushing your head.

The victim ended up at Holmes Regional Medical Center, where a nurse called the cops. "I can't believe he bit my finger off," the woman reportedly said to the nurse.

The thumb was reportedly saved and put back on her hand.

Palm Bay police arrived at the hospital, but the victim and her gnarled hand had already left, apparently with her thumb reattached.

Cops then went to her last known address, on University Boulevard.
There, Davis confessed to police to biting off his lady's thumb. He was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

Reports say that, at the time of the argument, Davis was driving his girlfriend to Taco Bell, where she works.

Perhaps Davis was just hungry?

Taco Bell meat or a human thumb. Same diff, right?

Palm Bay Police victim advocates are working to help the woman.