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Desperate Times ...

Well, this hasn't been my week blogging. I had the pictures of the Miami Herald Santeria rooster all day and delayed posting it, thinking that it would hold. Well, a blog called Random Pixels And Loose Talk From Miami Beach beat me to the punch. So it goes. My picture's better, though:

A sign around the rooster's neck reads: "Brought in by a Santeria priest (the real deal from Hialeah) to help us save our jobs. Make an offering.'' The rooster is also wearing a Herald name tag with the name "Peter B. Sinclair." I'll let a Herald staffer explain that one: "Peter is a fictitious character here who gets a byline on virtually all going-away pages. He's actually made at least one byline appearance in the newspaper."

Let's hope this creates some good mojo for the boys and girls at One Herald Plaza. Hey, at least we know Sinclair's job is safe.