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Lil Wayne Knows a Lil Something About Bracketology

Around the Horn is ESPN's fantastic game of competitive sports banter. Every day, sports columnists from large markets across the country shout at one another about men (and sometimes women) in colorful uniforms, trying to make valid arguments. Each good point gets a point. And the panelist with the most points at the end of each show gets some alone time with the camera and the opportunity to tell America whatever about whatever.

Lil Wayne appeared on the show a few weeks ago. And he won. But that doesn't mean he made a lot of good points; pretty much any celebrity panelist is guaranteed a victory.

So this week, when Lil Wayne whipped all the other panelists (so-called experts) with his NCAA tournament bracket picks, the ATH regulars had to give him props. Lil Wayne was the only panelist to sniff the 80th percentile. Show host Tony Reali wasn't even in the 30th percentile. (Four guys picked Pitt to win it all; three others had Louisville.)

By the way, nobody on the show beat Barack Obama's picks.