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Better Late Than Never? Sylvia Poitier Declares Conflicts of Interest

Here's an outrageous piece of video, courtesy of Acts of It's from last night's Deerfield Beach Commission meeting. You'll see City Attorney Andy Maurodis talking to the commissioners about his failure to get any response from his requests for financial records from Arlington Park Family, a nonprofit that accepted $30,000 for what it said was service to the city's senior population. Watch how Vice Mayor Sylvia Poitier pipes up, around the 1:20 mark.

Mae Frances Feagin is president of Arlington Park Family, and Poitier appears to be quite chummy with her, so much so that Poitier was willing to intercede on the city's behalf to coax Feagin into cooperating with the city's requests, explaining to Maurodis, "You know how we are, we don't think it's important... the attorney letterhead doesn't mean anything."

Who exactly is "we"?

I suppose that only Poitier knows, and she has never responded to our calls. (We'll try her again today.) But why did Poitier's intercession make the difference in Arlington Park Family's cooperation? Why didn't Poitier place that phone call to Feagin in December, when the city first made known its interest in finding out how the public dollars were spent by Feagin's agency? Why does it look like Poitier, a city official entrusted with spending tax dollars responsibly, is taking Feagin's side by offering excuses, like this nonsense about a new address? And finally, what kind of fly-by-night nonprofit takes public money without bothering to file a 990 with the IRS?

As you'll see Commissioner Bill Ganz say in the second clip, it's ludicrous to claim that Feagin didn't know the city wanted information from her. I called Feagin myself exactly one month ago and asked her about the city's efforts. She knew exactly what I was talking about.

Somehow, Poitier's ethical lapses become even more spectacular in this second clip.

Poitier can't talk about Westside Deerfield Businessmen Association because she has a conflict? (Her daughter Felicia is the president.) Then why didn't that conflict stop Poitier from voting to give money to WDBA?

And why doesn't that conflict stop Poitier from (again) commenting from the dais in WDBA's defense?

Put simply, these videos should go straight to the Broward State Attorney's Office, and actually, they already have. I'll let you guess who sent them.