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Scenes From the Recent Puppy Palace Protests

Less than an hour into this weekend's protest of Puppy Palace in Hollywood, there were already four Hollywood Police Department squad cars on the scene. And before the three-hour protest was over, the police would be called at least twice more. Store employees out counter-protesting said they felt threatened. The animal-rights activists demonstrating said they thought the multiple calls to police were just a tactic used by the store hoping to end the frequent, police-permitted protests without acquiescing to the demands of the protesters.

There were several loud, verbal confrontations between the protesters and counter-protesters--and at least two mothers of counter-protesters. And though it got heated, there was no violence.

One officer told me he didn't mind stopping by the protests, where the scene is always interesting and there are often attractive young women hanging out. Another office told me he's hoping this will be the last of the protests for a while.

Here are some photos from the last two weeks of protests: