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Who Will Be Haunted by Sheriff's "Ghost"?

It hardly seems fair for the Broward Sheriff's Office to be chasing speeders using a car like the one above: the Dodge "Ghost" Challenger R/T, which looks merely like some spoiled teenager's hot rod, until the flashing lights come on.

Fortunately for leadfoots, there's only one Ghost Challenger patrolling Broward roads. That means BSO will have to use this powerful new weapon judiciously, on what the military calls "high-value targets."

After the jump, the Broward residents in the most danger of being Ghost-busted.

Broward Commissioner Stacy Ritter: Last budget year, while she was still the county's mayor, Ritter didn't want to raise taxes; Sheriff Al Lamberti didn't want to cut staff. But Ritter's commission held a political gun to his head. So what's to keep a deputy from pointing a radar gun at Ritter's car?

New Times columnist Bob Norman: This past year, the Pulp revealed how the Broward Sheriff's Office command staff was a friend to one of the region's most notorious villains: Scott Rothstein. The Jewish Avenger himself may be in jail, but if Rothstein's deputy friends are loyal, then Pulp should keep an eye on that rearview mirror -- and his speedometer..

Pompano Beach City Manager Dennis Beach: The new guy in town needs a hard lesson in Broward politics, judging by his recent effort to break the city's ties with BSO. If Beach succeeds, the department will have that much more trouble patching together a budget. A speedtrap near Pompano's City Hall just might yield a donation toward that budget from Beach himself.