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What's Going On

-- Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco, a figure in the ongoing State Attorney's Office corruption investigation, was released from Broward General Hospital on Sunday after undergoing surgery for a serious medical condition. The Pulp wishes her a speedy recovery to good health. What impact it may or may not have on her position in Tamarac or the investigation is yet to be known, but those matters definitely take a big backseat at times like these.

-- The Sentinel reports that Rothstein bankruptcy attorneys have filed a $60 million clawback suit against Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust, where Scott Rothstein held some of his Ponzi accounts. Records have shown that bank officials were concerned about millions in suspicious wire transfers and overdrafts but that Rothstein always seemed to smooth things over with the help of accountant Gary Berkowitz, of the firm Berenfeld Spritzer. The bank is contesting the clawback suit.  

--  Bad news concerning radio legend Neil Rogers; Tom Jicha reports that Rogers, who suffered a recent stroke and heart attack, is not having open-heart surgery and has been moved into hospice care. Rogers was the veritable voice of South Florida for more than 20 years, and he did it with his own brand of humor and profane (and FCC-defying) dignity. Rogers lives in Plantation Acres, spent summers in Toronto, and as a proponent of weed liked to vacation in Amsterdam. Rogers, especially compared to the gasbags who dominate the airwaves today, really was a radio god.

-- A concerted effort is being made to save Brandie, the husky on death row after killing a toy poodle. Brandie was leashed; the poodle wasn't. The family has asked the governor for clemency. Many not only see the case as unfair but also the law itself, which was pushed through by Ken Keechl. The motive for Keechl was personal -- one of his dogs was attacked by another dog, leading him to spearhead the one-strike-and-you're-out doggy-death-penalty ordinance. The man who beat Keechl in the November election, Chip LaMarca, told me he wants to overturn the law. Also joining the fight is Sunrise Commissioner Sheila Alu, who is hustling on behalf of Brandie as I write this. 

Inside, see a stirring email sent to the Pulp regarding Tom Coates, the late Broward School Board official who bravely helped expose Stephanie Kraft as a crook and then faced her efforts to run him out his job as a result.

The email:

Thank you for exposing Mr. and Ms. Kraft for the thieves they were. Tom Coates was a personal friend of mine. He was a distinguished and upstanding employee of the Broward School Board.  He related to me the witch hunt "krafted" by the "Krafts" for employees that got in their way. He was eventually terminated by the School Board and just before his death had many offers to become employed. He was a fine person and great friend. I am glad the Krafts are getting what they deserve. As a potential vendor to the school board, Tom provided me with a list of people who could use my services. He never pulled any strings for me, other than providing me with the people who would be interested in my services. In fact, during his tenure with the school board, I never did get any work with them. He was not only an exemplary employee, but an exemplary human being. On behalf of Tom, thanks for the vindication. I am sure he is smilling on all of us. 

Howard Lustgarten
Hollywood, FL