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ESPN Gets Inside Wellington Polo Horse Deaths

"It was like a plane crash, but with horses instead of people." That's the first quote in the fantastic E:60 segment on the polo horse deaths in Wellington last month. It started with two mares sick at the barn. Soon there were dead horses all over the place. 

The Palm Beach Post has been nailing this story since the day it happened. Even Lisa Rab, our fearless PB correspondent, got in on the action. Rachel Nichols reports here. There are still questions on exactly who messed up, but the real story is the simple horror of the tragic event. Even players from the opposing team came to help. One player is quoted in the story saying: "I've never felt so desperate. Feeling there was nothing we could do to help those horses."

One trainer says, "It was a scene from hell."

We've since learned that the 21 polo ponies died of a selenium overdose. The national polo association is working on a comprehensive investigation into the entire affair, but this is some of the best access anyone's had so far.