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Rush Limbaugh Wedding Photos Are Out -- and He Makes a Beautiful Bride!

Having scrolled through the photos of Rush Limbaugh's recent wedding at the Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, I'm confused. Did he marry Elton John?

Just look at them! How very open and unabashed they are about their man-love. Shoulders turned into each other -- you don't have to be a body-language expert to know that's a gesture of true affection. Rush and his "traditional" (female) wife are turning their shoulders away from each other, a gesture that suggests the very opposite.

So maybe it wasn't the million-dollar paycheck that appealed to Elton John, who was criticized by gay rights activists for playing a role in Limbaugh's nuptials. Maybe he liked the challenge of seducing one of the nation's most conservative men. If there's a performer who has the stage presence and charisma to pull it off, it's Elton.

In any case, our warm congratulations to the happy couple, as well as to Kathryn Rogers.