Broward News

Juiced: A Week in One Gulp

Here's a wrap-up of the juice readers ingested this week:

  • A new mini-Madoff in town, as the Feds allege fraudster David McQueen ripped off investors, moving millions among multiple accounts, blowing the dough on himself and his wife. McQueen might be trading in his Sunshine State condo in Fort Lauderdale for a less accommodating cell in the slammer.
  • Boca congressman resigns, leaving Washington, and the rest of us, wondering why. Did Robert Wexler fall out with Obama over Palestinian policy? And why in the world did he admit on the Colbert Show to liking coke (not the bubbly stuff) and hookers?
  • In more politics (or antics, shall I say), South Florida political power couples screw us after they screw eachother, reigning over Broward, rooking us out of public money. What protection can we use?