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Shaq's First Move as Doctor: Star in Nonsensical Chinese Beer Commercial

Earlier this month, Shaquille O'Neal graduated from Miami's Barry University with an Ed.D. in Leadership in Education. 

You'll be happy to know Dr. O'Neal has been putting his freshly polished brain-pieces to work and is doing his darnedest to exercise Leadership in Education for Harbin Brewery, a Chinese company that decided its new advertising strategy would be to have Shaq disguise himself as a little Chinese man, do a slam dunk, then make finger-gun motions.

There's also a silly bow, a woman in a tube top, and Shaq, for some reason, breathing smoke.

Oh, and this face, which he makes when (SPOILER ALERT) the tube-top lady reveals a big bucket of Harbins:

There's really no describing the rest of it. If you happen to know Chinese and can make any sense of this thing, please help. Otherwise, enjoy the weirdness: