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Devin Hester Victimized by Wardrobe Malfunction

Last night on NBC's Sunday Night Football, the world saw a new dimension of Devin Hester.  Late in the game, with his team desperate for a first down the Riviera Beach native, U. Miami alum and current Chicago Bear ran a crossing pattern. But his quarterback, Jay Cutler, threw the ball low, and as Hester lunged for it, he was sexually assaulted by a Philadelphia Eagles cornerback.

I was watching the live broadcast, and the most hilarious part is how television commentators Al Michaels and

Cris Collinsworth handled it. No apology. No snickering. They didn't even mention it, hoping people would just forget they just saw a Bear (and bare) ass on their Sunday night network television program.
Or maybe I'm not giving the NFL enough credit. Could it have been a subliminal advertisement aimed at increasing viewership among straight women and gay men?