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Rubio Whacks Back, Denies Back Wax

Here's Marco Rubio in an appearance on Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show, the same place where Charlie Crist accused Rubio of using a party charge card to pay for a back wax. Around the one-minute mark, Van Susteren presses the issue, and you can judge for yourself whether Rubio is being honest when he denies that the charge was for a back wax.

Of course, Crist's charge is a "weird statement," as Rubio says, but he's always in such a hurry to pivot from that question into his spiel about the "real issues" of the campaign, it leaves you suspicious.

Obviously, it's not a huge issue whether it was a back wax or a pedicure or whatever. The point is that it was Republican campaign money.

But for all of Rubio's supposed emphasis on issues, he's been happy to exploit that hug between Crist and Barack Obama. That doesn't score high on the issue meter either.