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Weston Woman Helped Carlos Arredondo and Patient at Boston Marathon Bombing

Yesterday afternoon, New Times received this e-mail in response to our story highlighting Carlos Arredondo, now famous as the cowboy--hat-wearing man helping an injured man in a wheelchair to receive medical help after the Boston marathon bombings.

(The injured man was later identified as Jeff Bauman. The New York Times located him and reported that both of his legs were amputated.)

Dear Editor of the story on Carlos Arredondo...

You have just answer one of my many prayers.

My name is Adriana and I grew up in Weston,Fl. I've lived in Boston for the past year and yesterday I was lucky enough to volunteer at the Medical Tent at the Boston Marathon. I registered the patient that Mr.Arredondo helped to bring in the tent and I can only remember how helpful and calm he was during the whole process, he was helping me to get the patients last name and age. Out of all the people I saw either patients runner and victims he was one that stood out the most.