UPDATED: Castillo Answers the Question

Like the photo of him above, Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo isn't always so clear. It's not always easy to see what he's actually up to or who's propping him up from behind his nice suits. Never has his slippery quality been more obvious than in a video put up this morning by the Sun-Sentinel (specifically the wife of the Pulp). Here Castillo, who has restarted his campaign for Broward County Commission after quitting, shows that he's a true politician, namely that he dodges questions with the worst of them.

He simply refused to answer a simple campaign question about Judy Stern.

Watching Castillo hem and haw is sort of like watching an insect squirm under a pin. But we already knew he and Stern, the terrible-awful lobbyist-campaign consultant, was on Castillo like old man smell on Tamarac.


UPDATED: I spoke with Angelo Castillo just now and will do a post on the interview(s) soon, but he basically said he wished he'd just have answered the question about Stern. So I asked him again.

"[Stern] has been informally assisting us with media in the campaign," Castillo said. "She has not been paid in any way. She's been assisting [Castillo's wife, campaign manager, and former Stern employee] Lisa with media ideas. Such a brouhaha has been made over this, maybe I should have said that in the first place."

Better late than never.  

See the video inside.