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Glenn Neff Left Eerie Facebook Messages Before Allegedly Planning Attack on Washington

Glenn Neff, the Florida man accused of planning an attack in Washington, D.C., on Monday, left a series of eerie messages on his Facebook page that seem to indicate he was planning something deadly.

Police say Neff rigged a Jeep with a turret and fireworks in an attempt to ignite the National Mall. On Facebook, the 27-year-old identifies himself as an Orlando native now living in Stuart and as "Humanity's Last Best Hope for Freedom."

On May 17, he left a warning on his Facebook page: "HAHA!!!! One down... 5999 to GO!! Assholes BETTER RUN!" In response, someone suggested that

Neff get a job. He answered with a threat: "Now, if you'll ease the fuck off my back, that'd be great. Cuz if you don't, then maybe I'...ll take your advice and your bitch ass winds up DEAD."

The page includes a series of cryptic threats over the course of weeks, including one from May 8 that "It has begun..." and on April 28 that there would be a collapse of the dollar.

In February, he left perhaps the most eerie message of all:
"Notice to the Old World Order: I am coming. I am coming for you and I will spare no one. You have six days left. Make the most of them."

In January, Neff left a long diatribe on his page that said he
thinks he "might have actually saved the world." He wrote about an unspecified event that was going to happen soon that would cause a collapse of the economy. He ends it with:

I'm pretty fucking sure I saved the world, but if not, well, I don't know if you'll want to live in the future. It might not be that bad, but I guess I'm only half joking when I say you should consider killing your family.    

I'll see you at the riots.  ;)

The Maryland-National Capital Park Police say one of its officers found Neff in a red Jeep Cherokee in an isolated part of the Mall after hours. The officer arrested Neff after finding the Jeep full of fireworks.

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