Five Worst Twitter Reactions to the Jameis Winston Case

As it is with an high-profile and controversial case, the news that FSU quarterback Jameis Winston would not be charged of sexual assault solicited a lot of different reactions.

Most notably, on Twitter, which seems to be the go-to place to witness the troglodytic bottom feeders of the human race do their thing.

And while jokes can be fun, and Winston has been vindicated in the eyes of the law, the main problem with the entire incident is that it brought out an uneasiness in Twitter and even in the State Attorney's press conference. Because the bottom line in this whole thing was a woman may or may not have been sexually assaulted (even if it wasn't Winston).

Here now are the five worst reactions on Twitter dealing with the Jameison Winston case:

Because memes about being vindicated for not being the guy that may or may not have raped a girl is HI-LARIOUS. Uh... just no, bros. No. RAPE is funny!

The above tweet was indeed deleted. NBC Sports Radio then tweeted out an apology.

While this wasn't on Twitter, this was probably the most terrible thing about the entire episode.

State Attorney Meggs -- an FSU alum, by the way -- made the press conference a bizarre spectacle of laughs and jokes. Making matters worse were the journalists who seemed to give Meggs his own live studio audience.

When a female reporter asks Meggs if there was a rape of any kind in this case, Meggs cracks another joke. The exasperated female reporter, then exclaims, "Come on!"

Come on, indeed.

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