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What Is Wrong With This Picture?


If there was a rash of Dolphins-related suicides around 10:45 p.m. last night, one local TV station certainly won't be reporting on it. That's because Channel 7, WSVN, hates the Miami Dolphins and doesn't care if the team's fans kill themselves.

Or maybe some intern just made a horrible mistake.

Either way, not long after the Dolphins finished off the greatest single-season turn around of all time, and beat the Jets in what was essentially a regular-season playoff game, WSVN reversed the score, perhaps refusing to believe the Phins could truly be this good. (Some could make the argument that they probably AREN'T this good, and have been blessed with the easiest schedule in the league, plus a Tom Brady-less division that seemed amazingly beatable this year, but not on this blog. We LOVE the Dolphins, again.)

Any number of die-hard Dolphins fans may have just stepped off a plane, tired from a week with a stressful non-Dolphin-loving family, only to see this dreadful image, deciding just then it was the final straw? How many teal and orange caps were bloodied by bullets, all thanks to a video editor who lacked Faith?

The world may never know.

-- Michael J. Mooney