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Rubio Hits Crist Over GOP Chair Scandal

We knew that was coming, didn't we? Marco Rubio borrows footage from a Sun-Sentinel editorial meeting with Charlie Crist to show how the governor defended Jim Greer even as it became evident that the Florida Republican Party chairman had been mishandling -- if not stealing -- party money.

There should be little question now that Crist is an atrocious judge of character (Scott Rothstein, anyone?), which combined with his loyalty makes him a magnet for scandal. 

But Rubio's Republican Party deserves its own portion of the blame for letting Greer and his cohorts go hog-wild on the party dime. Meanwhile, the nearly invisible Democrat in the race, Kendrick Meek, can blame both Crist and Rubio.

Instead, he'd rather pin it all on the candidate who's been stealing Meek's moderate Democrat votes: Crist.