Black Friday: Dad Leaves Baby in Car as He Shops at Best Buy

Ah, Black Friday. It's the one time of year when the rest of America gets to know what it feels like to be Florida.

As folks all around the country are busy head-butting each other over a pair of pants and an Xbox One, Florida got the whole People Behaving Horribly the Day After They Gave Thanks thing kicked off Thursday evening.

An Orlando man was so bent on getting a deal at his local Best Buy, he left his infant locked in the car.

Haider Darwash thought he'd get an early jump on the holiday shopping and hit up the Best Buy on Thursday night.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper happened to spot the baby boy sitting in the locked car.

The officer went looking for the baby's parents, but when he couldn't find them, he broke into the car and got the infant out.

Eventually, Darwash returned to his car. When the trooper confronted Darwash about the baby left in the car, he claimed he thought the boy was with his mother.

Turns out, Mom was standing in line to buy something at another store at the same time.

Darwash was arrested and booked in jail.

Thus began a string of people behaving terribly with other people on Black Friday.

Earlier in the day, news broke that Walmarts all across America had gone bananas, prompting the creation of the Twitter hashtag #Walmartfights.

Shockingly, no shenanigans from any Florida Walmart have yet surfaced. But a baby being left in locked in a car at a Best Buy is as Florida as it gets.

Although, to be fair, this kind of thing happens on regular days too down here.

The video below shows a man plowing through a crowd inside a Walmart, kicking off massive hysteria. It happened in North Carolina.

From California to Illinois, people have lost their minds hitting up their local Walmarts for a plasma TV and a copy of Call of Duty.

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