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Video: Jimmy Johnson Wants Men To "Go Long"

He coached the Miami Hurricanes. He coached the Miami Dolphins. Now Jimmy Johnson is coaching men to buy ExtenZe, a "male enhancement tablet" that promises to "really make a difference."

In television commercials, the company is very sly, never making specific claims about what "difference" the product makes. But on the ExtenZe web site, the company claims the product is "guaranteed" to

"increase the size and width of your penis."

In the ads, ExtenZe claims to be "the number one male-enhancement tablet" and to have sold more than one billion tablets to men. This is proof of efficacy, they claim. This, as opposed to, oh say, clinical tests or something otherwise recognized by the FDA. You can watch another Johnson ExtenZe ad here.

Of course, this is the same company that paid $300,000 in a class-action false advertising lawsuit filed in California.

Still, Jimmy Johnson seems like the perfect celebrity spokesperson for such a product. He's the perpetually tan, always cool, Championship-winning coach who practically invented swagger. He's beloved by football fans of both the college and professional variety. He's well-spoken, seems healthy, and is willing to tell people he takes a pill to make his penis bigger. Also, his name is Johnson.

In the very least, Johnson's endorsement is getting the company plenty of attention. Like the post you're reading right now, or a slightly lesser known media outlet, The View. Whoopi Goldberg said of Johnson, "You better be getting millions of dollars to stand up on the TV and say I have a very small..."