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Juiced: A Week in One Gulp

Your weekly wrap up of what happened on Juice:

  • Not so good news for us reporters and writers. It seems the Miami Herald may be following in the footsteps of the Palm Beach Post and the Sun-Sentinel, axing more than 24 jobs.
  • An old issue of Las Olas Lifestyle, provides a virtual yearbook of Fort Lauderdale's corrupt wealthy. This discovery brought back some fond Rothstein memories. How innocent we were then! And how guilty we are now!
  • Turns out Boynton Beach's almost black widow was exchanging love texts with a man only identified as "Mike." Dalia Dippolito, arrested for allegedly ordering the murder of her husband, sent the texts just eleven short days before her televised trip to the slammer.

  • The Florida Supreme Court is denying the Gov's request for a special grand jury investigation into corruption in the state of Florida. Apparently someone left Crist out of the loop... Feds are already looking into the matter Mr. Governor.
  • In yet another sign that China is the world's only Superpower, its television news' coverage of the Tiger Woods car crash in Florida was superior to any coverage you could find here in the states.