Coolest Bank Robbery Pic In Years

Not that I like to glorify bank robbers (when in American history has that ever been done? oh ...) but the photo is just wild. It comes from the Miami Herald, via the Miramar Police Department, via a surveillance camera at SunTrust Bank. The Herald's Kathleen McGrory wrote this story about the robbers. Bumbling? Maybe. But they got away.

I generally like Jane Musgrave's work, but the lede on this story in the Palm Beach Post makes no sense to me:

After 21 years in real estate, Jonathan Mann achieved celebrity in an unimaginable way.

He was the last person to see Helder "Sonny" Peixoto alive just before the 34-year-old threw himself to his death off an 11th-floor balcony at The Slade on North Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach.

What celebrity? He was in the newspaper a couple of times? You also have to love the way the story makes you think it's linking to the MySpace page of Amity Kozak, the 29-year-old woman Peixoto killed before his death leap. But it's just a link to the stupid home page. Here's a link to the actual page.