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"Terrorist" Comic Con Nerds Cause Panic in Boca Raton

Several men in military-style garb and armor, armed with machine guns and various weapons, were spotted on the roof of a parking lot in Boca Raton.

Alarmed onlookers immediately called police, who rushed to the scene. Once there, they converged on the armed men and drew their firearms, demanding the would-be terrorists to lay down their weapons and drop to the ground.

Turns out, the armed men were nothing but a handful of nerds prepping for a photo shoot for an upcoming Comic Con with prop guns.

Worst. Photo shoot. Ever.

According to Boca Raton Police Chief Dan Alexander's blog, two Boca Raton officers were approached by people who spotted a handful of men putting on body armor, and taking out various assault weapons from the trunk of a car.

One of the men had a couple of samurai swords strapped to his back, because if the movies have taught us anything, it's that samurai swords are awesome in a gun fight.

Alexander posted an image of the fake weapons confiscated from the TerrorNerds:

Alexander, who awesomely and sort of condescendingly refers to the perps as "superheroes" throughout the blog, says that police ordered "the superheroes" to the ground. That's when they figured out the weapons were fake. The men, all on their 20s, explained that they were setting up an action shot involving two superheroes fighting a couple of terrorists for an upcoming Comic Con event.

From Alexander's blog:

As evidenced by the attendance at Comic Con and the success of films featuring Wolverine, Batman or Superman, people love their superheroes like never before. Some folks go a bit overboard with their fantasies and hero worship. On last Saturday night, a group of young men actually put themselves in very precarious positions.

These guys planned this thing on a Saturday night? You don't say!

The officers let the men go with trespassing warnings, negating what could have been an epic series of mugshots.

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