Abbott and Costello News Summary of Palm Beach Republican Snafus

Sid Dinerstein (pictured right), is the head man for the Palm Beach County Republican Party. The party has a history here in the South of disenfranchising blacks. Now one Black is accusing Dinerstein of doing exactly that, after this Black won election to the county's Republican executive committee. The twist is that this Black is white. Super-white. In fact, this Black is the son of a Black who was the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, which of course consists largely of white people who hate blacks. The younger Black denies being anti-black, though he says he's out to protect white rights. (What do the Blacks want to protect whites from? A guess: the blacks.)

The KKK also has a history of hating Jews, an ethnicity which Dinerstein shares with a great many Palm Beach County residents, some of whom join him in the county's Republican ranks.

Incidentally, the younger Black -- Derek Black (below) -- looks more like Crocodile Dundee than a Klansman, as you can see in this video about the kerfuffle:

But the Jewish Dinerstein denies that the white Black's anti-black (or anti-Jew) associations are what's behind his effort to keep this Black man down. Rather, he says it's because Black failed to sign a Republican loyalty pledge before the deadline. Of course, that explanation is too simple to be any fun.

For his part, the white Black who looks Australian and denies hating blacks suspects that he's being discriminated against for being pro-white. Got that?

-- Thomas Francis