The Ten Most Annoying Facebook Users

With the passing of another year comes those requisite year-end lists. The top records of the year, as discerned by some fresh-out-of-college kid in his parents' basement, or the year's best books culled by a puffed-up out-of-touch critic high-browing life in his Upper West Side apartment. Blah blah blah. Come on, who really cares? Honestly, when was the last time you've gleaned insight from one of these ineffectual self-aggrandizing year-end tallies? This writer sure hasn't.

Besides, by the time most of these lists come out, we've moved on. We are shopping, hoping for a bigger Christmas bonus than last year, securing plane tickets, daydreaming about a better next year, and of course, updating our Facebook status about approaching vacation plans. Oh yeah, there's the common thread in all of this: Facebook. If you are like us, you have spent (wasted?) immeasurable amount of time in 2013 on this serious detriment to productivity.

And yet, you still get annoyed by all those lovable toddler pictures, cute cat poses, or selfies from that guy who doesn't seem to own a shirt. Some people need to get a life, or at least stop posting about it all the time. Others have become memes of themselves online. Unlike those insignificant year-end best of lists, we've taken the time to amass a top ten list that matters in our every day lives: 2013's Top Ten Most Annoying Facebook Users -- you know, a useful list for once (or a complete waste of time?).