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The Best Bumper Stickers From the Independence Day Tea Party in Fort Lauderdale

Everyone knows the best way to tell the world how you feel about something is through a funnyish, quasi-offensive sticker or magnet attached to the back of your automobile. Whether it's which nutbag pundits you like, which candidates you plan to vote for, who you think invented Christmas, or which colors you despise (step the fuck back, green), a rectangular message stuck on the rear of your car is the way to go.

Earlier we showed you some colorful video from this weekend's rally at Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway. What the video doesn't show -- in addition to a few small shouting matches, a lot of weiner consumption, and some very bemused police officers -- were all the entertaining/stunning bumper stickers scattered throughout the parking lot.

A few things worth noting: Lots of tea partiers put their America-will-kick-you-in-the-balls bumper stickers on foreign-made cars. There was more than one Prius. Some stickers (the ones that reference 9/12) are Glenn Beck affiliations. Some show membership in the brotherhood of Birthers. Some declare nostalgia for the good old Bush-Cheney days. And some, like the peaceful Jimi Hendrix quote, clearly do not belong to tea partiers.

Here are some of the most interesting: