Forget Justice. We Got Terrorists To Catch.

Channel 7 aired a Carmel Cafiero special about the ongoing investigation of Judge Larry Seidlin and Robert Zack last night. Click here to read and check out the video -- it's the best parsing of a story of mine I've ever seen on TV. Miami-Dade SAO public corruption unit Chief Joseph Centorino and Deputy Howard Rosen are on the case and are focusing on the judges' financial disclosures and their apparent failure to report gifts. How much do you want to bet that sends a shudder down the spines of a large percentage of electeds in Broward County? Fudging financial disclosures is rampant, or at least it seems to be. (For more, check out the post on JaaBlog, especially the comments, which run to the angry and ridiculous. One vein of absurd argument: There are terrorists out there and a war on -- why are we bothering with a couple of old judges? Yes folks, there are serious morons lurking in our justice system).

Speaking of judges, check out Julie Kay's piece in the Daily Business Review on a religious bias claim against Judge William Zloch. Look I don't know if the guy's rampant Catholicism affect his decisions on the bench, but the Notre Dame/Ronald Reagan/Ava Maria/Dominoes Pizza/Clarence Thomas stuff sure was nausea-inducing.

One last thing, unrelated: The Sun-Sentinel blew it on the front page again this morning, running a piece at the top about Tropical Storm Dean. Put it at the bottom of the Metro front maybe, but it's not even a threat to South Florida at this point and your five will get you ten that it doesn't blow off a shingle in Broward County. Key quote from a Miami hurricane specialist: "It's too soon to start speculating what steering patterns are going to be."

Just more valuable journalistic real estate wasted by our hometown paper.