Rick Scott's Internal Polls Have Him Losing to Everybody

Rick Scott's pollster, Tony Fabrizio, has some bad news for Rick Scott.

According to the poll, either Charlie Crist or Bill Nelson would beat Scott in a mano-to-mano general election hoedown.

The poll also shows that ex-GOPer/ex-Independent/Brand New Democrat Crist is suddenly a lot more governory than long-time Democrat Nelson.

The poll of 1,000 Floridians was conducted by Fabrizio McLaughlin & Associates between November 24 through the 26, and has a margin of error of 3.1.

And the findings show that Crist is leading Scott 49 percent to 45 percent among likely voters. A separate Quinnipiac University poll showed that Scott was down by 7 to Crist.

The Fabrizio poll does show that Scott is only down by 2 to Bill Nelson in the likely voter category.

Then there's the Nelson v. Crist battle. The poll among registered Democrats shows a Crist 45-32 percent beatdown of Nelson.

Of course, while the numbers look bleak for Scott -- and these are his own internal poll numbers -- it does attempt to show that his numbers are getting better. And with the election still a year away, it might be a smart move on the part of Scott.

And in a completely coincidental twist to this story, the polls show that Crist isn't doing too hot in other categories, while Scott is World Champion of Everything:

Fabrizio also polled on which man can better handle 10 different issues. Scott prevailed on six: controlling state spending (+14), reducing taxes (+12), balancing the budget (+9), turning Florida's economy around (+5), standing up to Tallahassee insiders (+3) and creating jobs (+2).

Crist has single-digit advantages in four areas: cares about people like me (+8), is the most honest and ethical (+4), "someone I trust to be governor" (+3) and "shares my beliefs and values" (+2).

Bottom line, Rick Scott knows that we know that he knows that we (we, the state) don't approve of the job he's been doing.

But, as he keeps going on his Look At How I'm Not So Bad After All Tour (or, the TAX BREAKS FOR EVERBODYYY Tour), he keeps trying to convince everyone that maybe we really do like him. And also that maybe we think Crist is not to be trusted?

Crazy like a Aztec Snake God fox, this guy.

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