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Sun-Sentinel Community Columnist to Juice Blogger: You're Absolutely Fabulist!

Being a fabulist is good, right? Like being fabulous? Because today's Sun-Sentinel column by Jack Lunardi paints an otherwise unflattering portrait of this blog's Allen West coverage. He writes:

New Times blogger and leading nominee for the Stephen Glass Fabulist Award for 2010, Tom Francis, speculated last week that West was inspired to use the phrase "come and get them" by the 2007 movie 300.
Stephen Glass is the New Republic writer who was busted for embellishing magazine articles. But the fabulism that Lunardi found lies within this blog post about West deploying a Spartan metaphor during last week's speech at the opening of his West Palm campaign office.

According to Lunardi, West used the Spartans-versus-Persians metaphor during his first political speech, at a Boca Raton Republican Club meeting in 2004 -- three years before the movie 300 was released.

That may be. But then why is the predicament of brave King Leonidas still so fresh in West's brain in 2010? It's a good bet that the totally ripped, righteously pissed-off performance by Gerard Butler in 300 is the reason.

But don't ask me -- Lunardi believes my speculation is "silly," adding that "it's like Francis is throwing cupcakes at an Army M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank and expecting to do damage."

So cupcakes can't take down a tank like Allen West? Lesson learned.