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Sunrise Looks Brighter After Electoral Overhaul

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You know, with all the talk about Ken Keechl losing his seat, we've neglected to talk about another once golden-seeming mayor in Broward County -- Roger Wishner of Sunrise. On Election Day, Wishner lost his second election in three months, and he'll be leaving the City Hall building in March.

Like Keechl, Wishner lost support among the informed voters after he made a lot of dubious decisions. He took lobbyists' cash and backed the monstrous Everglades Corporate Park to be built on the west side of the Sawgrass Expressway, and when he tried to bring in an unpopular dump (imagine that) for a friend, it blew up in his face.  

And just like Keechl, Wishner didn't go down without a ridiculous and unfair attack ad on his opponent, Larry Sofield, that may have backfired. See it inside.