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CNN Moves From Miami

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The Mayor With Big Media

That thing they call progress -- or, if your prefer, ever denser sprawl and crowded city life -- moves north in South Florida. And critical mass in recent years has subtly shifted from Miami to ... Plantation.

A sign of that: Last week CNN moved its bureau from Miami to Fort Lauderdale's first western suburb town last week. Why Plantation? Well, think about it: It's the geographical center of South Florida (which essentially consists of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties). Huge news stories have been breaking in Broward at least as much as in Miami, most recently the Anna Nicole Smith death and ensuing legal saga. And now when something breaks in Palm Beach, CNN is a whole lot closer, too.

A CNN rep named Megan Mahoney notified the Pulp of the move yesterday and sent along a couple of pictures. The first one here shows Plantation Mayor Rae Carole Armstrong chumming it up with CNN assignment editor Cristy Lenz (center) and senior producer Kim Segal.

After the jump: CNN's Rick Sanchez's Role In This Post

Courtesy of CNN
(From Left) CNN VP Susan Bunda, Correspondents John Zarrella and Susan Candiotti, and VP Jack Womack

Here's the e-mail from CNN, providing more proof that Rick Sanchez makes the world go round.

--------------------------------------- Bob,

Good afternoon. Saw the item about Rick Sanchez on Comedy Central on your blog earlier today and it made me think you may be interested in a couple of pictures for a short feature regarding CNN's Miami bureau moving its operations to Plantation. A reception was at the bureau last week and I've attached two photos that I thought the New Times may be interested in for perhaps a business or real estate section. The second image includes Plantation Mayor Armstrong with CNN Miami bureau staffers.

Kind regards, Megan Mahoney --------------------------------------------