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Abandoned Baby Found in Pompano Parking Lot Bushes

Walking home from a long day's work, you're bound to find a few things lying in the street and/or bushes: old clothes, bus passes, cash, shoes, license plates, babies.

A woman walking home from work Thursday afternoon found a days-old baby boy swaddled in a blanket sleeping in some bushes in a parking lot in Pompano Beach.

The parking lot was across the street from the First Baptist Church.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman Mike Jachles, some folks from the Queen's Little Angels Daycare, located near the parking lot and church between NE Second Avenue and Second Street, called for help when the baby was discovered.

It wasn't immediately clear what race, weight, or age the baby is (one to three days is the best guess so far), and the mother is nowhere to be found. Detectives with the Broward Sheriff's Child Protective Services are investigating.

According to Jachles, all appearances indicate that the baby was not delivered in a hospital or by a medical professional.

As for the Safe Haven program -- where unwanted newborns can be left at fire stations or hospitals, no questions asked -- there are no fire stations or hospitals in the area where the baby was found.

Authorities are hoping they can locate the mother and speak with her, understanding that she wanted to give up the child but possibly didn't know where to turn.

They're asking the mother to come forward and speak with child protective workers. 

Authorities are also asking for help from anyone who might know someone who was pregnant and now isn't so much all of a sudden.

As for the baby, Pompano Beach Fire Rescue took him to Holy Cross Hospital, where he is reported to be in good health. Yay!

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